Extensions and new build/self build projects.


Extending your existing property can be a great way to improve and add valuable extra space to your home without having to go through the stress and hassle of moving. At L B Ashfield Building Services we can assist you in making these vision’s become reality. No matter how big or small the extension you have in mind we are happy to take the project on. We can offer all stages of your project from Site clearance, ground work, and foundations right through to the finishing touches such as the Roof, Internal finishing’s and Knocking through the existing house to integrate the new space into your existing home.

Self/ New build Projects

If you have recently acquired a building plot or want to build another property on a spare plot of land we can help. We can provide machinery to clear the site ready for development and dig the foundations, Build the structure and construct the roof etc. and carry out everything involved in building you a new house/ home. When the construction of the house is complete we can also sort out the landscaping of the surrounding plot such as patios, paths and driveways, Boundary walls and fences to give you a complete overall end product.

As with both Extensions and New Build projects we have seen from experience that many of our customers like to have very different levels of involvement in such projects. Some like to be very involved in the whole process from start to finish whereas others like to take a complete back seat and leave the professionals to completely manage the whole project. Taking this into consideration we are happy to take on projects and involve the customer as much or as little as they wish. We take on projects with 3 options;

  • Complete Project management- We take the plans of the build and take on the complete running of the project. We will organize everything for you, supply materials and make sure they are delivered on time whilst making sure the project runs as efficiently as possible from start to finish with minimum disruption whilst liaising with the customer about key decisions and other subjects.
  • Supply of Labor and materials- With this option, you as the customer can have a slightly more hands on experience with your project. We can still Supply the materials and carry out the work for you but if you wish can take on the running of the project if that suits you better.
  • Labor only- If you prefer to have much more involvement in your project and would prefer to supply the materials and organize things then we are completely happy with this. We will carry out the work on a labor only basis and work alongside you as the client throughout the project.